rockcloudtreeUnless otherwise noted I will stick to the description where Christians only describes those who are born-again.

To the born-again Christian, the aspect of truth is very important. In fact, without the truth for a Christian the Christian cannot exist because the very core of his faith rests in that one fact, there is truth and the truth will set you free.

The truth of the Christian has many aspects that must be studied. The first of which is absolutes.

The most inaccurate and horrible line I have ever heard come out of a movie was in Stars Wars III. In this movie, Anakin tells Obi-Wan that he (Obi-Wan) is “either for me or against me”. What follows was the most horrible line ever; many people make a mistake of saying it though (in a slightly different form).

Obi-Wan replied with, “only a sith lord can decide an absolute.” I was really disappointed with this because:

1. It discredits Jesus Christ for He declared this same absolute (Matthew 12:30).

And I was perplexed because:

2. It puts Obi-Wan in an interesting position for he has just decided an absolute. His absolute: “only a sith lord can decide an absolute.” So, is Obi-Wan a sith lord? After all, he has declared what only a sith lord can declare . . .

Few people recognize that they fall into this same mistake when they say there can be no absolute truth. Oh really? Ask them this:

“If there is no absolute truth then are you absolutely sure about that statement?”

By stating there are no absolutes is stating an absolute. I find it interesting to remember that for every “always” there is always a “never”. We say “always” and “never” a lot. Did you know that using those words can be considered declaring an absolute? But people don’t catch onto that. It is a very common mistake.

For the Christian there is absolute truth and that truth comes from the Word of God.

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