Ray Comfort’s most popular message is “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”. This is a amazing message about the myth of the modern gospel and in the newer versions he tells the story of how when he preaches this message he encountered a problem.

His problem was: whenever he recorded his message there was always a part that the recorder missed. It might be only a few seconds but it always ended up being a very important sentence that connected the following and previous thoughts.

Well, one day, Ray was going to tape this message on a cassette tape (this was quite awhile ago) and they found they had to flip the tape halfway though the message in order for them to tape the entire message.

Well, when the time came for the tape to flip it cut off just a few seconds but eight words. Those eight words were the following:

Satan doesn’t want you to hear this message.

That is pretty crazy. Well, I have my own experience with this.

Awhile ago, every morning for a few weeks, my internet would cut out every time I tried to log into my website and begin work. And then, twice, while trying to watch Christian videos, my computer went black and then blue with an error message. It then shut down and restarted! Crazy!

Satan is trying to prevail against us Christians, will we let him? No! Jesus said that the church that Peter set up would be His church “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” I include this promise about this ministry! God will not let this ministry die at Satan’s hand!

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