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I have a predicament. You see, so many people say that circumstances should judge whether or not abortion is right. It is from this view that people believe the woman should choose whether or not she wants to abort her child. I mean, who are we to stand in her way, right?

For anyone out there that believes the above, I want them to read something:

1. A woman is pregnant. She has had fourteen children and too many have already died. She and her husband do not have the funds to raise another child. Should she abort?

2. A woman is pregnant with her sixth son. Since you can see what is going to happen, the mother will be losing her husband in four more years and have three more children. She will struggle greatly with this extra child. Should she abort?

3. A woman is pregnant and engaged. The fiancee is not the father of the child. She faces public ridicule and rejection if anyone finds out. Should the woman abort?

I wonder what your responses were? It might be worthy to note that the below list is the child you would have aborted if you had chosen that action.

1. John Wesley

2. Dwight L. Moody

3. Jesus Christ

Surely, abortion is an evil crime and should be abolished! Please watch the following video:

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