snapI’ve often been caught talking about a famous fairy tale about a king who lives his life every day with a sword hanging over his head . . . the only thing that keeps the sword from falling is a thin strand of rope!

One day a man challenges the king that his life is easier than the king’s. The king and the man switch places and soon the man is living the good life. That is, until he looks up. The man is so terrified he can’t even sit comfortably.

Eventually the king enters the story again. He tells the man that the sword is what he has to live with everyday. He has to wonder if it will fall. If it will snap. The question always was the same: when?

As you can guess, the man never again wanted to take the king’s place and never complained about the king’s “luxurious” living after what he had experienced.

Do you realize that thousands live with that sword hanging over their heads? That sword brings one thing: death! Some try to forget about it and drink it away, but the rope strains slightly and everything is brought back to memory. They live in constant fear; when will the rope break?

Will someone tell them that a Man can come to remove that sword? Will anyone tell them that the sword can be removed? Will anyone?

I will!

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