Bible22I read my Bible everyday. Some people I know actually find that hard to believe. What about vacations? What about when you are busy all-day? Yes, everyday. In fact, the last time I missed reading a whole chapter of the Bible (or more) was at my brother’s wedding three years ago. I had read some Bible verses but not a whole chapter.

This isn’t my bragging time. I’m just illustrating the point that it is possible to read your Bible everyday. Like I said, I know people who would say you can’t read your Bible everyday (like your self-righteous or something if you claim to read it everyday).

I usually read it at night which is a habit I’m trying to get out of because it doesn’t allow me time to apply it during the day.

I challenge you, today, to start reading your Bible every single day, without fail. Yes, every single day . . . you up to the challenge?

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