babycomputerYesterday, I sat my little niece on my lap and asked her if she’d like to see some videos. I showed her my nature video and she said, “wow!” the entire time (she’s only two). Whenever she say a “baby” animal she’d cry out, “baby!” After it was over she insisted on watching it again, and again, crying out “wow” and “baby” whenever she could.

I eventually cut it off and showed her the video I had made to counter abortion. She, of course, cried out “baby” every other second. She eventually got so excited she jumped on my lap turned to me and screamed, “baby, baby, baby!!!” It was amazing seeing such excitement in a little girl about babies . . .

I have posted my two videos we watched and the 180 movie . . . hopefully we can grasp the same excitement and love for babies as my little niece does.

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