ramI was reading up on my Biblical history the other day I made it to the physical description of the mount of Horeb, the mount of God. In other words, I was reading up on Moses and where he saw the burning bush.

I read that Moses wasn’t seeking out God on this mount. He was leading his animals to better feeding ground. His animals had devoured the east side of the hill, so he moved to the west side. He moved them to better ground. He took care of the flock. Take note of this, it is important.

Moses had led his animals to better ground and, in the process, God appeared to him. Perhaps, that morning, or the day before, Moses’ wife, Zipporah, had asked him about his life in Egypt. Maybe Moses was thinking about his Egyptian and Hebrew family. Maybe he was crying out to God, asking why this all had to happen; why he had to be an outcast from both of his families.

Maybe, just maybe, the burning bush was an answer to Moses’ thoughts and questions. Maybe. Or, maybe, Moses was just moving the flock to the other side of the desert. See, the Bible doesn’t tell us Moses was on any big spiritual journey when God appeared to him. No, the Bible tells us he was about his daily business: tending the flock.

Moses was taking his flock, those left under his charge, to a better place when God appeared to him and gave him a bigger flock: all of Israel. Imagine what would happen to us if we led our “flock” to the better ground . . . to the mount of God.

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