cryingSome people take the Bible lightly and when challenged with the Truth it holds, they will usually give some off-handed retort that plainly shows their ignorance. But, this ignorance can be seen very often in Christians who hold onto secular beliefs. One type of Christian is one who believes in abortion.

“Abortion is never outlawed in the Bible so it is fine.” They might say.

Of course, they are right. The act of killing and removing a baby from a woman was not a custom back then. But, do you know what was common back then? Human sacrifice.

Many gods that were worshipped in the older days had priests and spokesmen who told them that they needed to sacrifice their children to their gods. Do you know what we don’t find in records of this child-sacrificing:

People who objected

I mean, human lives were being killed to satisfy an inanimate block of wood or stone! Some people had to have objected, right? Not a single record that we can find, except for those who were true followers of God.

These followers adamantly spoke against this abominable custom. And do you know where their “speech” came from? The One who created those precious children: God.

See, every child is perfectly created by God, and when we kill those beautifully, soul-filled creations, we are committing a horrible crime. But, not only are those who do the crime in trouble, but also those who sit around and don’t weep and repent of what they are allowing to happen!

Why aren’t Christians attacking abortion at all the points. Why are 20% of women who are aborting babies, claiming to be born-again Christians? Hasn’t anyone told them? Haven’t they themselves read the Bible and realized the crime of killing?

Christians: weep, repent and oppose for we have returned to the very same child-sacrificing of olden days.

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