wolfAwhile back, I wrote about the difference in genes. I argued that two wolves could breed and the offspring would be different from their parents because of the combination of their genes. I argued that this could be expanded upon and give us all the dogs we have today.

Well, this topic was recently broached in our family and we had a few doubters. “How could two wolves produce a Chihuahua?” they said. I’ll quote from my earlier article to provide proof that wolves could have been selectively bred from Noah’s ark and produced all the dogs we see today.

First off, we will use the following letters for each trait:

  • SS (black fur)
  • ss (white fur)
  • AA (brown fur)
  • aa (cinnamon fur)
  • BB (long fur)
  • bb (short fur)
  • WWEE (multicolored fur {consisting of multiple shades of black, white, brown,
  • etc.})
  • wwee (single color or blend)
  • QQZZ (big canine)
  • qqzz (small canine)
  • KKLL (long tail)
  • kkll (short tail)

Now, let us imagine the first dog representatives, two wolves, have the following traits:

Female – SSAABBWWEEQQZZKKLL – A big, mainly black-brown, multicolored wolf with a large tail and long fur

Male – ssaabbwweeqqzzkkll – A small, completely white-brown shade,  small tailed wolf with short fur

Well, the two breed and produce four pups (probably more but four is all I can handle):

Male – SsAaBbWwWeQQZZkkll – a big, light black-brown, splotchy, big wolf with a short tail and middle-sized fur

Female – SSAABBWWEEqqzzKKLL – A small, mainly black-brown, multicolored wolf with a large tail and long fur

Female – SSAABbwweeQQZZkkll – A big, black-brown, single blend, big wolf with a short tail and medium-sized fur

Male – ssaabbWWEEqqzzkkll – A small, mostly light, light brown, multicolored, wolf with short fur and a short tail

Just look at the diversity there in just six wolves. I would say a majority of those could easily be domesticated and eat the leftovers off your plate. Do you want me to go on with the numbers? I didn’t think so.

Just two wolves can have such a profound impact on their offspring. Imagine if those offspring were to mate with other wolves different from them. These four pups could have four more each (they would most likely have more than that), and have 16 wolves soon and if those 16 had four more different puppies you would have 64. Within a couple years you could have over 1,000 wolves so different that they could be considered different species.

This isn’t evolution, this is devolution. The dogs we have today are extremely mutated and sickly compared to the high breeds of wolves. You can’t get much better than the original patriarch and matriarch, even if they are wolves.

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