treasures-of-the-earth-worldwide-natural-landscapes-photography-vol3-perfect-end-to-a-perfect-day--wallpaper-45225I am fading. Me, and others my age, are like the sun, quickly settling behind the mountains, soon to be longed for and then forgotten. My level of influence, that I have right now, will fade away within the next few years.

In 5 years, I will not have the same kind of influence I have now. I’m at an age where I can relate and have younger friends and yet be mature enough, and smart enough, to have older friends (even up to the age of 80).

You may be of the opinion that this generation needs to be reached at college-ages, I agree, but we must put more emphasis on the younger generation, ages 10-19. Everyone needs to be reached, but some that are reached have a greater impact for reaching, like the 10-19 groups.

I’m not opposed to reaching college-age groups, but I believe that such groups should not take precedence over the younger group. A person can have the strongest influence towards others at the ages of 15-25. Now, if we train up the youth at ages 10-19, are we reaching more people than if we reached people 20-25?

Think about it . . . should we train warriors as they are in the battle, or before and during the battle?

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