On the Brink – The Prisoner’s Message

fatherI read an interesting story the other day. It went something like this:

A prison decided to offer their prisoners a small gift. They would give each prisoner the ability and supplies to write their mother on Mother’s Day. They provided the cards, envelopes and stamps. Every prisoner in the prison did it.

The prison was very happy with what the prisoners did and the impact it had on them, so they decided to extend the same offer on Father’s Day. They provided the cards, envelopes and stamps. Not a single prisoner made a card or sent one out.

When a father fails his job as the leader, the family falls apart. If you are a father or a father-to-be, please make sure your family doesn’t fall apart. I’d say the unspoken and unwritten message to the father spoke louder than the card to the mother.

On the Brink – Making an Impact

cactussepiaEveryone in the world makes an impact. Sometime, with someone in their life, they will make an impact. It is said even the shyest of introverts will impact 10,000 people in their lives. Now, whether you leave a positive impact or a negative impact will determine what kind of leader you are.

Recently, I wrote an article on people asking God for a sign. I had a friend happen to go to my site that day. She read my article and wrote me a comprehensive email about how it impacted her. She gave me permission to put part of her response below:

I completely agree with what you’re saying… why should we ask God for a sign? He’s already given us plenty! It’s both our doubtful, sinful nature, and our sinful human pride. I really think that’s why we always want God to show us a sign is because we have that sinful human pride… we always feel that He should prove himself to us. The main reason why that particular post you wrote struck me was because I experienced (a couple of years ago) a similar scenario of such doubt that I was, in the back of my mind, waiting for God to “prove himself” to me.  I was just indulging in my sinful nature and wanting a “sign” to know He’s there.

After all of that, I remember just reminding myself to trust God… and then a few minutes later, after I had realized that He really has already given me plenty signs, He actually did give me the “sign” I asked for… which made me feel incredibly humbled and just overwhelmed. I mean, here I was doubting that God would actually keep His promises that He would never leave me nor forsake me; I was asking my Creator, who created all heavens and the earth, for a sign. So, yeah, I just cried after that because I felt so humbled… I mean, God knew I was going to be alright. He knew I was well taken care of in His arms. He did not need to actually show me the sign I had asked Him for. My sinful pride had been completely torn down because I realized… why am I not trusting God? Why does God have to prove himself to me? I know He’s there… He said so in His own Word! That “doubting Thomas” hits us all sometimes, though!

I am honored and humbled to get such a response from someone who God impacted through me.

On the Brink – “I Helped That One!”

starfish52The tide came in high at night. The little girl and her parents watched the moon pull the water further up along the shore. Eventually the little girl fell asleep and she was brought back to her house and laid in bed.

The next day, the little girl ran out to see if the tide was still coming up. When she looked at the receding line of the water, she noticed thousands of shapes on the sand. She jumped onto the drying sand and approached one of the shapes. It was a starfish. The sun was coming up and starting to bake them.

The little girl finally got the courage to pick up one of the starfish and gently place it in the water. She pushed it a little deeper, then decided to throw it further into the ocean. She picked up another one and did the same process.

She kept doing this for hours. Still thousands of starfish remained on the sand. The sun was getting hotter. Finally her parents came out. Her mother said, “honey, there are too many to save all of them.”

Her dad bent down and looked her in the eyes and said, “sorry, you can’t help them all.”

The little girl bent down, grabbed a starfish and put it in the water. She looked back and said, “I helped that one!”

On the Brink – Adding it Up

hourglassGive something enough time and it will eventually be different. For example, if you have an extremely slow hourglass, eventually, the sand, even if it is dropping one grain of sand at a time, will grow to a small bump. It will accumulate and collect.

I’ve always loved the story of the poor farm boy who went to the king of where he lived and asked him for food. The king asked the boy how much rice he would need. The boy only asked for one grain of rice. The king gave it to him, mouth hanging open, and the boy returned home.

The next day, the boy asked for two grains of rice. He asked the king that, for the next 30 days he would like his rice deposit to double each day. The king agreed, wondering how this boy could possibly survive on such meager charity.

So, the third day he got four grains of rice. The king felt bad for the poor boy but the boy insisted that he keep doing this. The next day he got eight grains of rice. By the 10th day he was receiving 512 grains of rice. By the 20th day, the boy was receiving 524,288 grains of rice each day. And, by the 30th day, the boy received his final deposit of 130,195,456 grains of rice.

Because of the boy’s wisdom, the king ordered that the boy’s village receive a wagon-load of food each and every day for the rest of the boy’s life!

If we have the wisdom of that young boy, we would find that starting out small and adding to that, with enough time, can make something huge.

Imagine, if you started with a bit of encouragement. Encouragement is one of the most important parts to being a good leader. A leader cannot lead well if they do not have the heart that can encourage someone else.

Imagine if you started out today with a small word or act of encouragement.

Imagine if that small act multiplied the next day. . . and the next.

Imagine if you set off a chain reaction with just one word of encouragement.

Imagine if you were like that king and gave the first grain of rice to that little farm boy.

OK, enough imagining, get out there and do it!