761px-CristoreiPortugalJust recently I was reading some Christian comments on “The Thaw” video. Some were in support of the video whereas others had questions. One of these I thought was very interesting. They said, “why do these teens ask “why” persecution is happening to them? Christ said it would happen to them and He said why.”

That is a very good question and it is true. Christ did say we would suffer much persecution for His name. However, one needs to look at how these teens are asking it. They aren’t asking Christians why they are being persecuted but those who are persecuting them.

See, America prides herself on “not judging” and letting all people be equal. But, they have a twisted definition (I strongly suggest reading their definitions here). They will include the above for everyone but Christians. As they yell out for Christians to be fair and not judge, they themselves persecute the Christians.

The teens in “The Thaw” video are asking America why they are so hypocritical? Why do they demand that everyone accept everyone’s beliefs but yet they won’t do it for Christians? This is a good question to ask.

Now, lets let the work digest that for a bit. We can turn the tides, if we can expose the sin in America and bring them to true repentance!

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