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Not so long ago, 10 years or so, the big movie in our house were the BBC’s version of the Chronicles of Narnia. Back then, for us, that was huge. I mean, they made Aslan fly! Of course, now those shows are lame and hold nothing up to the amazing things they can do now.

Truthfully, on that old series I was always scared of Maugrim! I can always remember the nightmare I had of him years and years ago. He just always scared me, especially when he fights Peter. Agh, bad memories!

Anyway, I couldn’t help think of him when I made the above picture (which is actually a combination of a human face, a wolf and, of course, fire). I also couldn’t help but think of the nature of Maugrim. He holds a high office, Captain of the Police, for the White Witch. He is feared all around.

But there is one whom the little wolf does fear, Aslan. Although Maugrim does die by the sword of Peter, his greatest fear lies in Aslan, the one who gives his life for others. Maugrim is not a lie in our world, he is very much alive.

Everyone who rejects Christ, does not repent or believe that God has raised Jesus from the dead, is a Maugrim. They may hold high office or be feared or respected, but that does not matter in the end. They “gotta serve somebody” and they serve Satan.

This is a sad, but righteous and just truth . . . such people will go to Hell. Sin demands death.

Who is Maugrim to you? An enemy? Or an ally?

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