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Eagles have been known world-widely as birds of power, ferociousness, strength and air of royalty. Specific eagles we will grasp from the many there are:

  • Bald Eagle
  • Harpy Eagle
  • Golden Eagle

Bald Eagle:

Ever since the bald eagle was voted as the national bird, overcoming Benjamin Franklin’s notion to vote in the turkey, people have acknowledged and awed at this species’ strength and beauty!

The most unique thing about the bald eagle would probably be its popular bald head from which it gets its name. But, few know that only adult bald eagles have white heads; the youths are a brownish black.

Bald eagles aren’t dumb, sometimes, in order to get food for themselves or for chicks, they will follow other sea birds so they can locate fish! Not only that but they are petty thieves by picking off from ospreys or other, weaker birds.

Although the bald eagle will only lay two to three eggs in their nests the nests themselves could hold a whole lot more. A bald eagle’s nests can easily exceed five feet in width.

Harpy Eagle:

The harpy eagle is very unique in the diet it requires. By feeding on macaws, monkeys and the occasional sloth the harpy is a very formidable foe for an unsuspecting jungle animal.

The great harpy eagle can grow over three feet in length (head to tail), even the small harpy eagles are still of considerable size.

Even though the harpy’s head resembles an owl’s he is not of that species and it should not be confused. The short legs, with long, curved talons could easily kill the necessary prey the harpy requires. Wouldn’t want to be a sloth in the jungle, probably wouldn’t escape in time!

Golden Eagle:

The national bird of America is the bald eagle but the national bird for Mexico is none other then the bald eagle’s cousin, the golden eagle! The golden eagle is depicted on the flag and some currency of the Mexicans. And the Roman’s eagle crests depicting power in the Roman army most likely represented golden eagles. So, golden eagles are accustomed to the fame.

Many confuse golden eagles with bald eagles, from a distance, but if you focus in on the head you will be able to quickly decipher which is which; even though juvenile bald eagles look very similar to the golden eagles.

Golden eagles will resign, after a long day, to the nest in a tree or on a cliff with its one to four eggs and its lifetime mate.

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