I thought of it a couple times, what would it be like to actually reject what I knew to be true to accept a fairy tale? What if I decided to follow this fairy tale and turn my mind on all reasoning? What if I decided to preach this fairy tale as truth and completely separate myself from all logic? What if?


I woke up, my brain gaining consciousness as I rose in a tired slumber. I had set the alarm earlier, but I was too tired to stay up after it. I slowly rose out of my bed, my brain sending signals to my legs and arms to react immediately. As I grabbed the guardrail on the bunk bed, I swung my legs over the side of the bed and started climbing down the ladder that led up to my bed. I slowly looked at my leg and arm, observing and registering the utter complexity of my body and mind.

I carefully placed my foot on the chair beneath the ladder and stepped off. I looked at the digital clock, my eyes registering color, depth, and motion, and came up with the conclusion that it was 7:23 A.M. I slept in a little. My brain had gotten use to the waking up that occurred through the last how many months, I usually got up sometime around 6-6:30 A.M. but now I had taken a summer vacation and slept in until 7-7:30. It was nice, but somehow, it felt strange. There were still times that my brain would wake me up early, anticipating an early start, but even my brain slowed down and began to yawn.

I stretch, amazed at how my brain can send commands to my fingers, back, arms, legs, and entire body to do exactly what I want it to do. I wiggled my fingers, awed at the way they could move without a hesitation. I took a step, thrown back by the little bones in my feet that hold me up, and balance myself perfectly. I realized that if I were to be missing just one big toe, I wouldn’t be able to stand, because it distributes my weight so evenly.

My fingers, each one made up of over three separate bones, bend and grab the doorknob. The muscles in each finger contract and relax in a set rhythm to easily bend and grab hold of things.

I step over the little gate we have in front of our door, I see my dad and say “Morning.” My tongue spreads out and then slaps the roof of my mouth as I say it. My dad responds and begins talking to me. His voice travels at more than 600 miles per hour and reaches my ears in less than a second. The vibration from his voice rings down my specially designed ears and meets at my eardrum where it is translated into words that I understand.

I usually walk into the room that is side-by-side mine but this time I move toward the kitchen, my dad is there, dressed in his flannel long-sleeve coat, work pants, and work boots. My eyes process his image, as the image travels through my eye it is inverted to right-side up and process the millions of little surfaces that make up the scenery before me.

I turn my head, which rests on a pivotal joint that allows me to move it with ease, and turn a nearly 150 degrees. My brother is cuddled up under a cover on the couch, his head sticking out from the folds of blanket.

It is 7:25 AM, just 14 hours to go! Everyday life, is a miracle, with such a perfect design, how can I doubt, God has made all!


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