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29,392,499,071,050,000 miles away or 5,000 light-years Canis Majoris is a wonder of the universe and holds secrets even to scientists.

The bright spot in the middle of the picture is the star, Canis Majoris; the other material is the aftermath of violent eruptions on Canis Majoris. These post-eruption materials are moving at incredible speeds ranging from 102,700 mph to 80,400 mph and in different directions. Because of these varies in speed and direction Astronomer’s have confirmed their theory that Canis Majoris has been sending off material at different times and places.

Not only is Canis Majoris an erupting star it is also one of the largest and brightest star in existent! To grip the gigantic-ness of this star let’s put it this way . . .

Canis Majoris is so gigantic that you could fit 12,019,506,721,007,330.79 earths inside of it!!! That is just over 12 quadrillion earths!! Wait, let’s take this mathematically.

We are going to take the volume of Canis Majoris then we’re going to take the volume of earth and divide Canis Majoris’ volume by earth’s. This will give us the numbers of earths that we can fit into Canis Majoris, which are 12,019,506,721,007,330.79.

Now, let’s shrink earth to a diameter of an average bagel, 4 inches. And since we know that 12,019,506,721,007,330.79 earths go into Canis Majoris we can easily estimate the distance 12 quadrillion bagel-sized earths would go. Let’s see . . . approximately 758,807,242,487.84 miles. That is enough bagels to go around the earth almost 35 million times or to go to Uranus and back . . . nearly 224 times.

Now, let’s take Canis Majoris, put it in place with our sun and what do we get? A star that extends 907,817,500 miles past our sun. Meaning that if you could take Canis Majoris and put in the sun’s place it would utterly destroy Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, Ceres (a dwarf planet), Jupiter, and Saturn and all their moons!

OK, we have a decent idea of how huge Canis Majoris is, but what if we took the sun and used that as a measurement? Let’s try it.

So, like the earth we find the volume of the sun and divide the volume of Canis Majoris by the volume of the sun. This would results in a sum that is staggering considering the size of the sun.

You could fit 9,261,000,000 suns into Canis Majoris. Now to make it realistic let’s shrink the incredible size of the sun to the size of the, say, moon. OK, let’s turn the 9,261,000,000 moon-sized suns into mileage. The mileage for 9,261,000,000 moon-sized suns would be 20,003,760,000,000 miles. That is enough moons to go from earth to the sun, then around the sun, then to Jupiter, around Jupiter and then back to the sun . . . nearly 206,303 times!

Now, it may be me, or it may be speculation but I know that a star so huge, amazing, bright, massive, and extraordinary could only come from a God that is even more amazing than the star. Just think for a moment what it was like when God spoke Canis Majoris into existent. It would have blown you away, literally!

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