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Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun and can take up to two human lives just to make one “Neptune year”. Unlike the small difference between Venus and Earth the orbit of Neptune takes almost twice that of Uranus. This, of course, is due to the vast distance that separates the sun and Neptune.

In fact, Neptune is so far away that you could start biking at 20 mph you would reach Neptune in 15,400 and a half years. In other words, you would have to have 171 bikers trade off from birth to death. And they would have to travel a steady 20 mph all day and night long. Now that is far away.

Neptune is also very big. With the size of Neptune you could fit 58 and a half Earths and 8 Mercurys! With just the mileage of the circumference of those 66 planets you could go to the moon and back 6 times.

Neptune’s Great Dark Spot

Neptune is named after the tyrant Roman god of the sea, and that same attitude follows through with this planet. It has had winds measured to be going 1,200 mph. Those winds are fast enough to reverse our rotation on our axis! That means if those winds were to be sent at the earth the earth would start turning the other way and the sun would “rise” in the West and settle in the East!

Those winds have also contributed to the gigantic Great Dark Spot. This spot is similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and it is so big that you could fit the entire earth into it.

Neptune is an amazing planet that expresses beauty and awe that reminds us of the Creator, Almighty God.

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