Galaxies, Nebulae, Stars, and Supernovas have perplexed and amazed people for centuries. I’m sure there have been nights where you stepped outside and sat, mouth gaping open at the beauty of the universe. Here are some good tips to keep you excited and prepared to gaze at the heavens.


  • Dress accordingly to the weather since nights can get cold with winter approaching.
  • Telescope or binoculars.
  • Bug spray, if you live in a bug-infested place.
  • A star chart. You can find many books from the library that contain star charts; maybe you could purchase some too.
  • A plain paper notebook. You may want to chart some of your research.
  1. Tips
    1. A star chart is very useful; just about any book on stars should have a star chart.
    2. If you are out to see constellations, make sure you study some famous ones like Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Cygnus, Perseus etc.
    3. If you are going out to see the moon, track the moon’s stages and research all you can about this “Swiss cheese.”
    4. Your telescope doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Our small one works better than the big one.
    5. Surprisingly, binoculars can give an excellent look at stars, and they are very easy to maneuver so that would be an inexpensive choice.

Websites To Visit:

  • A quick trip to Hubble’s website might do you some good too, Hubble Site, And check out the “Tonight’s Sky”. Make sure you do a little research there too; there is an incredible amount of information there. But their theory of  the Big Bang is wrong and completely contradicts Biblical truth and Science.
  • For lots of information and facts on nebulae, galaxies, planets, stars and more, you can go to When I Consider Thy Heavens and the sub-pages there.
  • NASA Site could be helpful in your search for more information on “Space”. But their theory of  the Big Bang is wrong and completely contradicts Biblical truth and Science.

So, what are you waiting for? When the sun sets get out there!

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