Zooneden animals are often referred to as “prehistoric creatures”. Is anything wrong with this title? If so, what would the problem be?

First off, prehistoric means “before written history”. And, in the evolutionary timeline, prehistory means, before humans evolved the brains and sense to start making a written history and records of themselves. For the evolutionist, the end of prehistory marks the advancement of brains in the human world.

However, does such a thing as prehistory just exist in the mind of the evolutionist or does (or did) it really exist?

To answer this question we must start at the Bible, of course. What does the Bible say about this “prehistory”? Quite a lot.

Genesis 1:1:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

When it comes to the Bible it says that “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Notice the word “beginning”. The Hebrew word for this word is, re’shiyth and it literally means the first thing to happen.

But, it goes beyond that. “In the beginning” literally marks the first moment of time. When the Bible says “in the beginning” it really means in the beginning.

Someone might say:

So, the Bible mentions the starting point of time, that still doesn’t prove there is no such thing as prehistory!

Actually it does. When the Bible says that God created time and that fact is written down, than human history, since the very beginning of time, has been recorded. Not a millisecond, second, minute or an hour is left to prehistory.

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