Were dinosaurs created on the sixth day?

This question implies more than just the creation of dinosaurs on the sixth day. In fact, it actually relates to many of the dinosaur issues we have covered already, including:

So, as you may have guessed, this question is a very important one. In truth, this question is the foundation for everything we know about dinosaurs!

Sixth Day Dinosaurs – what does the evidence tell us?

At the end of the sixth day the dinosaurs saw their first sunset.

By definition, dinosaurs are land animals. But, what about Pteranodon or Plesiosaurus? Weren’t they dinosaurs? Technically, no. Although those creatures did live with the dinosaurs and man they are not dinosaurs, even though they are reptiles. Those flying and swimming reptiles were made on day five.

So, dinosaurs are land animals and we know that in Genesis 1:24-25 and 31 God tells us He made land animals on the sixth day. Then, after He made dinosaurs and other land beasts He made man.

As we can see from the Bible and common sense, we know that dinosaurs were created on the sixth day.

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