trafficWatching Noah and the Last Days got me thinking: do we, as human beings, even have consciences anymore?

I mean, seriously, if you watch the movie you will see people blatantly admit to horrible sins and even criminal charges. No one stopped to think about what they were saying or what they did. Where is the conscience of the people? Don’t people care anymore about what they do and don’t do? Has society fallen so low? Too tell the truth, it basically has.

We live in a crooked and depraved world! Yes, we all still have consciences, but we numb them to the point where they do absolutely nothing.

I remember hearing how the Indians described the conscience. They said it was a triangle. Every time the person tried to do something wrong, the angles of the triangle would poke them and let them know it was wrong. If you stayed away from the wrong then, your conscience would stay in its shape  and keep you in line.

However, the Indians said, if you didn’t obey your conscience, it would keep pricking you. If you kept on ignoring it, eventually the points of the triangle would wear down. If you ignored it long enough your conscience would be simply a circle; never able to prick your mind and tell you what is wrong. You will numb and dumb yourself down.

1 Timothy 4:2:

Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

That is the way we are going in this world. You want to change it? Start with individuals. Start with yourself!

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