web24Samwise Gamgee is just about the best Hobbit that ever did live. He has always been our family’s favorite person on the Lord of the Ring series (I speak only from the Peter Jackson movies). Frodo, on the other hand, is not our favorite Hobbit.

All Frodo ever did to Sam is under-appreciate him and betray him. Then,to make our dislike for Frodo deeper, when everyone is sad about Frodo’s “death”, nobody even thinks about Sam. Poor Sam who endured so much but never got anything back.

One of the saddest parts in the Lord of the Ring series is when Frodo splits up with Sam, after thinking Sam has lied to him, eaten up the rest of their food and wishes to take the Ring from him. But, the whole time, we know Sam is innocent.

Soon after this, Frodo is led, by Gollum, into Shelob’s lair. Shortly after, Frodo is left by Gollum and chased by Shelob, a gigantic spider. He escapes (whether that is good or bad, I still haven’t decided) and one of the first things he says is, “oh Sam!”

Just like a person, eh? When they get in trouble the first thing they do is regret what they shouldn’t have done! When people in the real world (sorry, Middle Earth is not real) get in trouble they usually say, “oh God, help me!”

But, what happens when they get out of the trouble? They do what Frodo did, again!

For most people, God is a good Person to get you out of trouble. He is there just to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. For them God is some sort of “cosmic bellhop” Who is supposed to rescue them when they need it.

Is this the way God is?

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