design (1)I have many friends, and a few siblings that relate maturity to how serious a person is. If someone is always happy (I don’t mean giddy) or in a good mood, they may think that person is immature. I am often labeled in this way.

Those who know me say I’m always in a good mood. Things rarely get me down (and if they do, I’ll just be pretty quiet, which is like heaven for my family). I know when to be serious but, when a “serious/mature” person sees me in a consistent good mood, they call me “immature”.

Seriousness doesn’t directly correlate to maturity. I know some very serious people who are very immature. And I know some very happy/joyful people who are very immature. And I know some serious people who are mature. And I know some happy/joyful people who are mature. It goes all ways.

Maturity is not so much based off a person’s mood as it is their attitude. If one takes an optimistic attitude to the world, they can change it. If a person takes a pessimistic attitude to the world, they will never change it. Hey, now sounds like a perfect time for my signature pony joke! Just for some kicks and giggles?

There were once a mother and a father very concerned about their two children. They were both 7 and one was very pessimistic and the other was very optimistic. To prove the extremity of these two children to their friends, they got a video camera and taped them opening their Christmas presents.

They gave the pessimistic kid a bunch of great toys. Trains, cars etc.; all well-made toys. The boy opened each one, looked at it for a little bit then put it down, saying, “that will break soon.”

They gave the optimistic kid a huge box of manure. The boy opened it with a smile on his face and when he saw the manure he started digging through it with his hands. The parents finally stopped him and asked him what he was doing.

The boy looked up and said, “well, with all this manure there’s gotta be a pony somewhere!”

Take that attitude today!

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