Birds are known worldwide as beautiful creatures. Whether it be the proportioned bald eagle or the speedy hummingbird, all birds have something to offer in the worldwide beauty contest. The Toucan had even more to offer than many of the others. Why? That, dear reader, relates to the beautiful designs and colors God has put into this creature.


When living in a forest all your life, you must be designed with certain attributes that will help you survive and thrive. One such attribute for the Toucan is his wings. Because of the dense forest, the Toucan has rather short wingspans. This makes traveling through the forests much easier.


One of the most talked about proteins found in living things, would have to be keratin. This protein makes up human fingernails, hair, hooves, etc. and a very special Toucan beak.

When looking at a Toucan one may think that hauling that huge beak around would be a major problem for the Toucan. But, thanks to a mindful and gracious Creator, the Toucan can make it. This is because the beak is made up of keratin, and in between masses of tiny keratin proteins, there are many air pockets.

As well as being light, the Toucan beak is used to cool, very efficiently, the body in warm, forest temperatures. It can also be used as some kind of hand to grasp fruit of neighboring branches while using the least amount of energy possible.

Tongue – Yes, Tongue

The tongue of a Toucan is rather long, up to six whole inches, extremely narrow, colored gray and developed just right so it can send the Toucan very sensitive bursts of flavor. The tongue is also used to shove food down the throat.


With the beautiful feathers, light beak, and stunning colors, the Toucan is one of the most awe-invoking birds that live today.With the beautiful feathers, light beak, and stunning colors, the toucan is one of the most awe-invoking birds that live today. However, many would ask, wouldn’t that color be a curse instead of a blessing? Not really. See, the toucan lives in a jungle, is colored like the jungle and perches on trees that have fruit the same color as him. No, his colors are camouflage, uniquely designed.

A very amazing bird indeed.

Remember, the Toucan was made for a purpose, to reflect the love and care of the Creator, humans, on the other hand, are made to proclaim that love and care!

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