What animal is a blur while moving, a speck when still, can eat 14 times its weight in one day, has a heart that beats 20 times a second, and a tongue that splits in two and can move in and out of its mouth as fast as its heartbeat?

You guessed it, the hummingbird.

If there was one bird that qualified for the overall “amazing award” it would be this bird.


Because the hummingbird is so tiny yet uses so much energy every time it flies around, it has to maintaining an almost constant flow of food coming in. But, the amount of food isn’t the only important thing; the hummingbird has to find food rich in sugar. That necessary amount of sugar is found in nectar, which the hummingbird drinks.

Now, how the hummingbird drinks it is truly the amazing part of the process.


The tongue of the hummingbird has two tubes on it. When the hummingbird drinks, the tongue tubes shot out and split down the middle. When the hummingbird brings its tongue back into its mouth, the tubes connect back together and catch a bunch of whatever it was eating.

Scientists are stunned at this incredible process and have yet to explain how in the world the hummingbird can consume so much, so fast! Furthermore, at the speed and quantity it takes in food, those same scientists are completely stumped how it can eat so much without having time to swallow. Some scientists call it ‘magic’; I call it God’s design.


Being the only bird with the ability to fly backwards, the hummingbird has a huge selection of any direction it wishes to fly in. It can fly forwards, backwards, right, left, up, down and can easily eat while flying.

As can be imagined, when flying, the hummingbird uses an incredible amount of energy. Actually, scientists measured the amount of energy used in flight for a hummingbird, scaled it to humans and came out with some interesting statistics.

If we used energy like hummingbird, we would have to eat 1,300 hamburgers and drink 15 gallons of water (most of that water would be used to cool our body down). Unfortunately, we wouldn’t get a chance at eating all those hamburgers because our body temperature would rise to 725 F and we would catch on fire!


Some scientists call the hummingbird’s ability to get food, ‘magic’. Other scientists call the hummingbird ‘a miracle’. As far as the facts tell us, the hummingbird is a miracle in the way it flies, eats and even uses such a large amount of energy, which would set you on fire, to survive. The hummingbird really is a little miracle, God’s miracle.

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