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Peregrine falcons, although a small bird, have some amazing qualities that set it out from the rest of the birds. These qualities include:

  • While the peregrine is only a foot to one-and-a-half feet tall it has an wingspan of 3-4 feet!
  • The peregrine can migrate over 15,000 miles!
  • The peregrine prefers to have their home at the top of large structures including buildings and cliffs!
  • The peregrine, when attacking, can exceed 200 mph!

When a peregrine goes hunting they capture their prey by first hitting it with clenched talons. The impact of a bird going 200 mph kills the prey and then the peregrine picks up the prey and carries it off.

The peregrine is thought to teach its young how to hunt by dropping dead prey to them while they are flying. They, in turn, must catch the prey in time.

Falcons have a long history in being professional killers. Men and Ladies in Medieval times would go on hunts with falcons to catch small animals. This was a very popular sport in those times, and it is still commonly seen by the falcon’s prey as it sees its death approaching

The peregrine is a magnificent bird, created by God on the fifth day of Creation. This bird, in all of its amazingly simplicity, sports one of God’s amazing handiworks!

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