If Barn Owls weren’t popular before 2003 they definitely rose up the popularity bars after 2003. With evolutionist Kathryn Lasky’s fictional series on them (which quickly rose to a bestseller and was turned into movie in 2010), the interest in the amazing Barn Owls became more widespread.

What in Lasky’s books made the creatures so amazing? The following:


As is well associated with owls, they are nocturnal and their eyes are big. The design in this is simple: larger pupil, more light can be observed and you can see better. But, the eyes of the Barn Owl, and any owl for that matter, are just plain out huge!

If you were to have eyes the same proportion to body size as the Barn Owl does, then your eyes would be as big as a tennis ball! However, because the eyes are so big, they are stuck in their socket so they cannot move them like we humans can.

To fix this problem, God made sure the neck of the owl can turn where its eyes can’t. Amazing design.


The Barn Owl, especially in Lasky’s book, is most praised for its hearing. The Barn Owl has his two ears placed right across from each other but one ear is slightly higher than the other. This gives the Barn Owl two different ways to analyze hearing data and thus gives it the ability to pinpoint its prey to the inch.

The Barn Owl’s face also was designed to help it hearing. The face is caved-in in a way that allows sound waves to be “caught” and captured better for hearing.

Some while ago scientists discovered something amazing about the Barn Owl’s hearing that surprised even them. In order to test these owls they set 14 Barn Owls up with headphones so they could send sounds to the creature. What they found was extraordinary!

These Barn Owls did not gather the information and simply fit them together in their brain like puzzle pieces. No, instead, their study showed that the Barn Owls were actually using a form of multiplication! They actually made a sort of map in their brains by combining the distance of the sound and what they heard. The amazing brain of the Barn Owl then uses this map to find exactly what it needs: food.

That is plain out unbelievable!


All owls’ wings are equipped with the obvious tool for flying: feathers. No other animal that has ever existed, that we have found, except for birds, has ever possessed feathers. But, the feathers of the owl aren’t like the average bird’s feathers.

With every feather used for flying, the owl has little fringes on the sides of them. When the owl flaps and the feathers are rubbed together they don’t make any sound. And, when the owl flaps and takes off and the air rustles around and through its feathers, it doesn’t make a sound. This incredible design is unique to the owls.


With amazing sight, extraordinary hearing and silent flying, the Barn Owl is not a creature you would want to meet if you happened to be a vole.

Of course, then again, you wouldn’t really have to worry about it since the slightest sound you might make would instantly alert it and it would use its ears to track you down and then its sight to pick you out and its silent wings and feathers to swoop down on you. Did I forget to mention the sharp talons? Gulp.

If you can not see God’s amazing fingerprint in any other creation, surely you can see it in this creature, right?

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