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When I was 10 or so we went to a unique animal store. And in this very plain building they had a chain-link fence and gate; sort of like a large kennel. But the amazing thing was that they had a pacing, full grown tiger inside the kennel! As we gazed and awed at the huge cat the man who took care of the tiger told us to stand back while he fed it! I will never forget that day!

I may seem impossible but every single tiger is unique in its stripe pattern. Just like fingerprints, the tiger has an interesting way of identifying itself from other tigers. Tigers are covered in fur and look a like domestic cats. The common similar characteristics include:

  • Fur
  • Whiskers
  • Contracted and extracted claws
  • Amazing eyes
  • Long tail used for balance

Other interesting charactistics of the tiger include:

  • Tigers can eat 80 pounds of meat all at one time
  • Primary diet includes deer and other big game such as buffalo
  • A full grown tiger can weigh well over 550 pounds and 13 feet long
  • Tigers usually hunt alone

Tigers, because they have longer back legs then forelegs, are expert jumpers. Not exactly like Tigger on Winnie the Pooh, but you get the idea.

Tigers, when attacking, will lunge forward with their back legs and grab the prey with their forelegs, dragging it down for the feast. Tigers also use these strong limbs to swim; some tigers have been known to swim rivers up to 5 miles wide!

Tigers are amazing creatures in their wonderful beauty and few cats can match its strength! God has designed another magnificent creature!

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