The liger has been getting a lot of attention since a sudden burst of information came out about them the last 10 years or so. These creatures, a cross between a female tiger and a male lion, look like a tiger’s body with a lion/tiger’s face. Overall, amazing creatures.Liger_couple

These ligers can exceed weights of 1,000 lb. and extend over 10 ft. long. These massive creatures also have the best of both their parents: the swimming ability of tigers and the sociable nature of the lion. They are the perfect mix!

Or so it seems. Unfortunately, ligers are very unhealthy creatures. Many have multiple health problems that can lead to death. The mixed genes of both animals just aren’t right for the body. Although many ligers live to a ripe, old age, many live with genetic problems.

Although they don’t have the best life physically, ligers are animals that demonstrate, to the entire world, about God’s creation.

Both lions and tigers belong to the genus panthera. Even though both of these creatures seem very different to us on the outside, genetically they are related. In a Biblical sense, they are of the same kind with room to spare.

The genus panthera contains most big cats. Cats such as leopards, tigers, and lions are all contained in this genus name. In so saying, we can safely say that all the animals in this genus are all of the same kind. How can we say that scientifically?

Well, in the world only creatures that are within each others kinds can mate with each other and produce offspring. So, if a creature from panthera mates with another creature from panthera, then we can say they are of the same kind, even if it is not limited only to panthera. This is Biblically and scientifically sound.liger2

For instance, a lion an a tiger can mate but a lion and a giraffe cannot. They are not of the same kind thus they cannot have offspring. But, if a puma mates with a leopard, then they will produce a pumapard (a real animal). They are of the same kind.

For evolutionists however, they would expect to see a lion and tiger mate and have a great creature. They would expect to see a perfect creature without defects enter the world and mate and have even purer offspring. They would expect to see this go on and on until the liger had transformed (or “evolved) into a new animal.

Instead, they see a creature with mutations and problems that kill it at an early age. Something that shouldn’t happen in a evolutionized world. But, it is something we expect to see in a fallen world originally made perfect.

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