If I beheld the sun when it shined, or the moon walking in brightness;

The dust settled around Job as he gazed at the ground. He had lost everything. His family (save his wife), his livestock, property; all his wealth! He was devastated. All he had lived for and done had been literally vaporized in seconds. It was too much to bear, at least, that it what is seemed like for Job’s wife.

“Curse God and die,” she yelled at him, sobbing. She had taken the blow of the family extremely hard and turned that sadness into anger against the one who created her.

Of course, Job couldn’t do that. He had much to be thankful for. He might not have a family, livestock or wealth but he did have God, and that is all that mattered right now.

Most people are familiar with Job’s story of trial; actually, he is quite famous for it. Many, many books have been written about him and his patience with God and the circumstances he found himself in.

Job lived in the land of Uz and he obviously lived before the Exodus. This is proof because Job is recorded as being a righteous (blameless and upright) man and yet he made his own sin sacrifices to God. After the Exodus only priests could do that. Many scholars accept the theory that Job lived in the times of the early patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, etc.).

It is tempting to try and put Job’s story in a nutshell but you would need a lot bigger of a nut. No, a coconut doesn’t even work. The thing is, the book of Job is more than just a story of a guy who hit rock bottom and was later restored. No, it is much more than that.

The book of Job, and his entire account, is a beautiful wrapping of lovely poetry, wisdom and overall awe for the Creator and that of which He has created. The words of this book are amazing.

Actually, I want to challenge you to something. I want you to read the entire book of Job in one week (don’t speed-read, savor every word). When you are done reflect on what Job and what you have learned. It will be most thought-provoking. Imagine the God of the Universe telling you about the wonderful eagles, horses, ostriches, dinosaurs (see What is Behemoth?), other reptiles (see Leviathan vs. Kronosaurus and Leviathan) etc. Could you imagine that?

The wisdom and magnifiecincy of Job has astounded millions and will continue to inspire them.

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