Jerome seems a short and simple name, but, in reality, it is almost 1/5 the size of Jerome’s real name. With 28 letters, Jerome’s full, real name is Eusebius Hieronymus Sophronius! If you were to get that at a Spelling Bee . . . I feel for you!

But, despite his long name, Jerome was a man of knowledge and wisdom in the things of God.Although the Catholics have taken Jerome over to their side, this was never his intention. But his tireless work did cause the world to spiral into an spiritual coma, of course, not that he planned it that way.

You see, Latin was a dying language after Jerome translated the Bible into it, and when the only readers of Latin were scholars and priests the Catholic church took the Bible and decided only they could read it and interpret it! That is why so many good Christians are being taken under the roof of Catholicism.

In fact, Jerome rebelled against the Catholic church at first by saying that he was not going to include the Apocrypha because the Jews did not count it as inspired. But, the church, by means we do not know, forced Jerome to write the Apocrypha into the Catholic Bible, and so it has stayed!

It just goes to show how you can’t compromise your beliefs!

Jerome was actually in the Holy Land when he translated the Bible into Latin, commonly called the Vulgate. He lived in a cave and consulted with Christian scholars about things like the omission of the Apocrypha and such. His friends had good advice; do not include the Apocrypha as inspired scripture. But, peer pressure does erode on some, sadly!

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