Flavius Josephus, an historian for the Romans in the years circa A.D. 70-A.D. 100 was born and then raised a Jewish man. But, when he was placed in command of the Jewish forces around the time of the siege on Jerusalem in A.D. 66-70 his course in life changed dramatically.

Even though Josephus was beaten in his defense of Jerusalem in A.D. 66 he did not let that stop him when he was eventually led to Vespasian in chains. Acting like a seer, Josephus predicted that Vespasian would one day become emperor, this one little saying saved his life.

In A.D. 68 Nero died and Vespasian was put in is place a year later, thus becoming emperor.

Vespasian did not forget Josephus so he released him and Josephus immediately took control of the situation and put himself in a good seat in the Roman community. In a twist of allegiance Josephus tried to act as a mediator between Rome and the Jews but it didn’t get far because of the amount of distrust. And soon, the very city Josephus had been forced to protect earlier was torn down. You can read more about that here.

After the above horrific event, Josephus started work on his history books, History of the Jewish War, Antiquities of the Jews and Against Apion. He is estimated to have written these in the last 30 years of his life. Josephus probably died in the late A.D. 90’s or the early A.D. 100’s.

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