You have just used your hand. You moved the mouse connected to your computer so you could click on this page, or maybe you are positioning the printed version of this article and are holding a piece of paper. Or, perhaps you are reading over someone’s shoulder, gripping some object with your hand(s).hands

You have an average of 27 bones in each hand. More than half of these bones are made up by your fingers. Each finger has four bones except for your thumb, it has three. This includes the bone hidden from sight underneath your skin. Feel down your index finger and count the bones. There is the top one, with the fingernail, then another one beneath that, and yet another. Now, feel deeper into your hand and you will feel the long, slender bone holding your finger in place.

The rest of your hand is made up of little jigsaw bones, giving a foundation for your hand to move and rest. Without these bones your hand would be useless.

Now, take your hand, put it in front of your face. Bend and stretch you fingers. Isn’t it amazing? Think of the links between your finger bones and the muscles pulling you fingers where you want them to go.

Your brain sends messages to your hand so fast that if you were to start typing (if you are a seasoned typist) you would find that you hardly have to think, you just move your fingers. Sure, you have the thought in your mind about what you are going to say, but isn’t it shocking how perfect our hands are?

Just think about the thumb for an instant. I dare you to go for just ten minutes of everyday life with your thumb against your hand, not using it even once. I want you to pick up a cup, or maybe a coin. You will find that you use your thumb so often that you could be lost without its’ grip.

So, now I use my hand to type the rest of this article and say goodbye, reminding you to thank God!

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