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The sun, known and seen since the beginning of Human existence is the closest star to us and the only star within a 23,513,999,256,840 mile radius of earth!

The sun is 93 million miles away from earth and provides the heat, light and energy for life to survive. In other words, the sun provides the life-giving materials we need to live! Without the sun, we would be dead, frozen in fact!

Now, when we look at the sun (which you shouldn’t do realistically) we have some questions, but one of the most popular of them is: how big is it?

For the first one, let’s do it creatively, just like with Canis Majoris!

Okay, the sun is huge, the earth is small and humans are even smaller! Even though we have this crazy idea that man is “huge” we are actually significantly tiny! I’m going to use that idea.

So, we have a pretty good idea how big we are, we know measurements, calculations and such, but, with our knowledge how big is the sun?

To put it plainly, the sun could be a hotel for over 1,297,862 earths! Now to understand this number let’s shrink earth to the size of a normal volleyball.

Now, let’s get that mileage. 1,297,862 volleyball-sized earths would have a mileage of 163. That means if you were to get in the car, start at the beginning of the volleyballs and drive 81.5 mph it would take you two whole hours to arrive at the end of the volleyballs!

Isn’t that amazing?! And think about this if we were just one degree closer to the sun we would disintegrate because of the amazing heat! Now, what are the chances that we happened to land in this safe haven?

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