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Neutron Stars:

Neutron stars are truly a wonder of the universe. These unbelievable stars can be as small as 16 miles across! Compare that to the diameter of the Sun, 863,934 miles!

This incredible stars were usually high-mass stars (some 8 times that of the sun) that expanded in supergiants. These stars then collapse on themselves and become incredibly compact and small.

So what ultimately makes these stars so mass-saturated? First of all, when a star swells into a supergiant it is because it has exhausted its supply of hydrogen. In order to survive the star must collapse and become more dense and hot in order to burn its back-up fuel, helium!

And, of course, in order to do this it falls in on itself and becomes incredibly dense and hot, this eventually results in either a black hole or a neutron star! Amazing!

OK, we have a good idea how large the sun is, Canis Majoris, Betelgeuse, Eta Carinae and so on. But can we really grasp how incredibly small this star is?

Let’s try!

You could fit 288,586,375 neutron stars into the earth! If you were to convert the neutron stars into the size of a one dollar bill we could line them up end-to-end all the way around the world 1 and a 1/6 times!

First, go visit the sun page, get a grasp on how big that star is then come back for this experiment.

You could fit just over 374,545,500,578,703 average sized neutron stars into the sun. That is enough neutron stars, if each neutron star had the value of an American quarter you could wipe out the American National debt . . . six times over (written October 2011)!!!!

Now, go visit the Betelgeuse page to soak in the size of this star. You could fit 52,630,723,511,677,734,375,000 neutron stars into Betelgeuse. If we made each neutron star worth a dime we could wipe out the national debt of America . . . this time 360,484,407 and a half times (written October 2011)!!!!

Lastly visit the Canis Majoris page, get a good idea how large this star is and then come back, you’ll be amazed at how many times we can wipe out the nations debt! You could fit 3,468,665,880,859,375,000,000,000 neutron stars into Canis Majoris! Now, if each neutron star were to be worth half (1/2) of a cent we could pay off America’s debt . . . 17,343,329,404,296,875,000,000 times (written October 2011)!!!

Now do you have an idea of how small a neutron star is? It is amazingly small! And it is carefully crafted by our Heavenly Father!

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