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Eta Carinae:

This star is located in the Carina Nebula.

Distance from Earth:

  • 8,000-10,000 light-years or 47,027,998,513,680,000 – 58,784,998,142,100,000 miles!

What is it?

Eta Carinae is a exploding star that was first seen erupting 150 years ago, when it sent out gas and dust 1.5 million miles out from the core! The explosion has now formed into a 10 billion miles across and sporting one of the most massive stars, 100 times more mass than the sun.

Eta Carinae is so powerful that if placed in the sun’s place it would release five million times more power than our sun. Amazing! Talking about frying a egg on the sidewalk! And yet with that amazing heat and energy God still holds that stubborn star in His hand!

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