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Saturn is only 797,000,000 miles away from the seat you are sitting on right now. That means if your chair were to grow rockets and fly you off at 500 miles per hour you would reach Saturn in just over three years. Saturn has the same problem as Jupiter; it rotates on its’ axis so fast that it becomes fatter in the middle than it should be.

Saturn is most famous for its’ very defined rings that circle around the planet like the moon does for us. These rings are made of massive amounts of small ice chunks and rocks.

Saturn is so big that you could fit 842 and a half  earths into it. If each earth were a human tooth you could get real dentures for over 20 people!

Amazingly Saturn’s density is so low that if you put it in a gigantic ocean it would float! This is because sinking materials have to be denser than the water in order to sink; Saturn is a gas planet so the density is very low, lower than water in fact! To explain that, water has an average density of 1.00. Anything that sinks has to have a density over that, for example, most rocks sink because their densities are higher. Saturn has an average density of 0.69 thus it floats. Inflatable lifeboat anyone?

Saturn is an amazing planet. It is huge, unique and beautiful in the night sky! Even though it has a pagan name it still glorifies God’s name!

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