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This twisting nebula lies 29,392,499,071,050,000 miles away or 5,000 light-years!

The star in lower right corner (Herschel 36) is eating at the surrounding clouds by heating the hydrogen gas within them, this process chases away terrible winds that are ripping at the clouds. Other stars in the region are doing the same thing.

The large tornado of dust you see is formed very much like tornadoes do today on earth. When the two very opposite temperatures (hot and cold)  meet in this cloud along with the extreme pressure exerted by Herschel 36, act as a mold for the clouds to twist and form into their current condition! It is unknown whether or not the “tornadoes” actually are spinning.

So, don’t forget, next time you’re in the neighborhood (5,000 light-years away) drop by the Lagoon Nebula!

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