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To see an amazing, zoomable picture of this Nebula go here!

A supernova that exploded 38,210,248,792,365,000 miles away has formed into a beautiful, famous and colorful nebula! This nebula stretches an alarming 35,270,998,885,260 miles across!

Supernova: a star that has about a solar mass of eight. This star swells up and becomes an supergiant and explodes into a supernova. This supernova sends out thousands of tons of debris into amazing designs!

As it normally occurs a supernova explosion eventually turns into either a black hole or a neutron star. In the case of the Crab Nebula it was the neutron star. To learn more about Neutron Stars click here!

The Crab Nebula’s neutron star (in the center) is almost as massive as the sun . . . all contained in a 12 mile diameter!!!! Amazing!

The mosaic of the universe, for sure!

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