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This jaw-dropping nebula is only 3,000 light-years (17,635,499,442,630,000 miles) away!

The little pinpoint you see in the center of the nebula is a star (rumors say that it may be two stars) emitting gas bubbles like the Bubble Nebula. This specific nebula has 11-12 rings of dust from the gaseous layers of the center star(s).

Just to get an idea of how massive this nebula and its star is, let’s do it this way, if you decided to take the family on vacation to the Cat’s Eye Nebula, you would first have to get to the nebula. OK, turn into “Draco Constellation” and start driving at 5,878,499,814,210 miles per second, set it on Cruise Control and sit back, you only have to wait for 50 minutes and there it is!

Next, start at one side of the nebula, and start walking at a steady pace of 804,722,768 miles per hour and you would be there in approximately 1.2 years, and track is a big complaint!

If you ever thought God wasn’t watching, think again!

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