What is a Nebula?

A nebula is a star that emits clouds of dust and gas. For more on Nebulae (you don’t say “nebulas” in plural you say “nebulae”) visit the Nebulae featured in the Nebulae home page!

What defines a planet?

Is our sun in orbit?

Yes, the sun takes a 225 million year journey around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy! Of course, the universe is to young for the sun to have taken a whole trip yet. So you might say the sun hasn’t had his first birthday yet!

Is the Milky Way in danger?

In fact it is! There is a galaxy called Andromeda that is 2.5 million lightyears away (14,696,249,535,525,000,000 miles away) and is traveling at us at about 300,000 miles per hour! Scientists believe that we will be spared because there is vast distances between ourselves and other material in our galaxy and that we would kinda pass right through. Although there would be big changes!

This pass-by of galaxies has been shrunk down to a more tackle-able size. They say that if you were to shrink all the stars in both of  the galaxies to grains of sand, that you could have our sand galaxies run into each other but each sand-star would be two miles away from each other! That is quite a gap.

To find out a little more on the Andromeda Galaxy go to the page!

What does the Bible say about the Universe?

Click here to get a “short” answer.

Updated June 14, 2012


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