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The Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million lightyears away and is hurtling towards us at 300,000 miles per hour. Don’t worry though, even if God waits that long to send Jesus back, it will be five billions years from now before it hits (for more on that visit the FAQS page).

The Andromeda Constellation is named after Greek mythology, like many heavenly objects. Andromeda, according to legend, is the lady Perseus rescued from the horrible sea creature, Cetus. Of course, Perseus later married Andromeda. The galaxy is named after the constellation.

This galaxy was once thought to be a nebula but when careful observation was made the spiral galaxy was revealed. It is often stated that the Andromeda galaxy actually looks a lot like ours, but only much, much bigger.

Andromeda is also the furthest object we can see with the unaided eye, meaning that we can see 14,696,249,535,525,000,000,000 miles, of course, though, that is a object that is 13,520,549,572,683,000 miles across! But, still, what amazing gifts God has given us, the eyes!

Updated June 14, 2012

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