After the discussion with a layperson on the subject of the Big Bang the bar goes higher as the challenge of a “seasoned” Big Bang promoter. There are a lot more things to consider when you talk to somebody who “knows” his stuff.

Stephen H.: “The Big Bang is a most reliable event and few scientists deny it.”

KH: “When was the Big Bang?”

Stephen H.: “Over 14 billion years ago.”

KH: “How old are you?”

Stephen H.: “Umm, 52, why?”

KH: “So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you weren’t there when the Big Bang happened. Where you even there one million years after it happened?”

Stephen H.: “Of coure I wasn’t. Earth itself wasn’t even formed until 4.6 billion years ago! And humans hadn’t evolved until recently.”

KH: “So, you weren’t there when the Big Bang happened, the earth formed and humans evolved?”

Stephen H.: “No!”

KH: “Were any of your fellow scientists or anyone you have ever met there?”

Stephen H.: “No! Where are you going with this?”

KH: “What I’m saying is that not a single scientist was there when the Big Bang supposedly happened so how can you know what happened?”

Stephen H.: “Maybe not but we do have evidence that promotes our view.”

KH: “Such as . . . “

Stephen H.: “The universe is expanding, like we would see it if it had had a beginning with an explosion.”

KH: “Did you know ice expands?” *Stephen H. nods.* “Does that mean it has exploded in the past?”

Stephen H.: “No, but I must say, that isn’t a very good analogy.”

KH: “Ok, but answer my question: because something is expanding does that mean it had to have had a explosion for a beginning?”

Stephen H.: “No. Lots of things expand–“

KH: “Like ice.”

Stephen H.: “Yes, like ice. But, no, just because something expands doesn’t mean it once started with a bang.”

KH: “OK, so your belief says that the universe is expanding because of the after effects of the bang. My belief says (thousands of years before man figured it out) that God stretched out the heavens. So, we both believe in an expanding universe, but different origins.”

Stephen H.: “I guess you could say that.”

KH: “So, I was wondering, how did the stars form?”

Stephen H.: “When the Big Bang happened there were lots of gases and such and these condensed and formed stars that we see today.”

KH: “Have you ever observed a star forming?”

Stephen H.: “No, it all happened billions of years ago.”

KH: “Do you have any idea how many stars there are in the known universe?”

Stephen H.: “Many, many qaudrillion.”

KH: “Last I heard there were some 20,000 qaudrillion stars in the known universe. How many stars do you think formed every second in the beginning?”

Stephen H.: “I have no idea but I can’t imagine that many if you allow 10 billion years (which most scientists accept) before the formation of the earth.”

KH: “If you were to start 14 billion years ago until the formation of the earth, we’ll just allow 10 billion years, you would have to have five stars popping up every second.”

Stephen H.: “That ain’t that many. A hundred or so wouldn’t even be that many considering the size of the universe.”

KH: “How many would be too many do you think?”

Stpehen H.: “Hmm, 5,000 would seem pretty out there.”

KH: “So, 10,000 would be basically impossible?”

Stephen H.: “Yes, I would say that.”

KH: “Stephen, I was testing you with that number of five every second. Do you want to know the really number of how many stars would have to come into existence every second over a 10 billion years period?”

Stephen H.: “Shoot.”

KH: “63,376 would have to form every second consistently for 10 billion years! That would be 5.4 billion every day. Does that seem impossible?”

Stephen H.: *silence*

The problem with stars really makes me scratch my head. How can that be any more probable than God plainly saying He made the stars?

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