Few realize what the Big Bang really is. Some just answer that it was the beginning of the universe while others give a more detailed response. They often say that the Big Bang was when the entire universe exploded into the universe we have today. There are many ways to challenge this corrupt teaching.

Big Bang or Big God?

First of all, when someone says that they believe the Big Bang and say, simply, that it was the start of the universe, inquire deeper. Make sure they know what they believe is true. This tactic is very useful as it will get the person to think about what they believe and why they believe it.

Jack: “I believe in the Big Bang.”

Jill: “What is the Big Bang?”

Jack: “Oh, it was the start of the universe like 14 billion years ago.”

Jill: “What banged?”

Jack: “The universe.”

Jill: “No, I didn’t ask what the bang “Formed” I asked what banged.”

Jack: “Umm, wasn’t it some molecule or black hole or something?”

Jill: “You tell me.”

Jack: “Well, I’m pretty sure it was a black hole that blow up and formed the universe.”

Jill: “Ok, were you there when the black hole banged?”

Jack: “Umm, no one was, duh. It was before the world came into existence.”

Jill: “So, how do you know what happened?”

Jack: “Scientists tell us that it happened.”

Jill: “Have you ever met any of those scientists?”

Jack: “Yes, I have met a few.”

Jill: “How old were they?”

Jack: “I don’t know, 40 or 50.”

Jill: “But, they aren’t 14 billion years old, are they?”

Jack: “Of course not!”

Jill: “So, they weren’t there when the Big Bang happened either?”

Jack: “No!”

Jill: “So, how do they know what happened?”

Jack: “They study the universe and because it is expanding they figure it had a fast, expanding beginning.”

Jill: “Watch my hand.” Jill stretches her hand out. “My hand just expanded, does that mean it blew up in the beginning? Also, ice expands, does that mean it blows up as well?”

Jack: “No and no. But scientists have other proof to.”

Jill: “Jack, would you be interested if I told you that I know someone who was there when the universe began?”

Jack: “Most definitely.”

Jill talks to Jack about God and how He created the universe in six days.

The above tactic used by Jill is very effective because it reminds Jack that nobody would be there if the Big Bang happened so nobody can know if it happened like that. But, by introducing that God was there in the beginning the conversation changes.

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