The Leviathan is a very famous creature that is talked about or mentioned in five different parts of the Bible.

One of the descriptions of this creature is 34 verses long and uses 473 words, nearly four times the description that is given of the horse in Job 39! It is very captivating to study the account of Leviathan in the Bible, and when we compare how much God talks about it compared to the horse, eagle or hawk, we know He most have wanted us to know about it!

When we study the description of Leviathan compared to the skeletons we have of pliosaurs today, we find blatant similarities!

The Kronosaurus is a pliosaur that shares some amazing qualities with the Leviathan. The first thing you notice when you see a Kronosaurus is its huge head. And not only that but its’ massive eye sockets and huge nostrils are noticeable. But you also see the gigantic mouth, lined perfectly with very sharp teeth.

This goes straight with God’s description in Job 41:14:

“Who can open the doors of his face? his teeth are terrible round about.”

Who wouldn’t be terrified of this creature?

Not only did Kronosaurus and Leviathan share similar mouths but their hides are also important.

When a creature dwells in the sea it needs perfectly connected scales or some sort of covering to make sure the water doesn’t get into their flesh. From what we know of sea creatures we see today we can safely assume that Kronosaurus had this same system; finely-connected scales.

Look what God said about Leviathan in Job 41:15-17:

15 “His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal.

16 “One is so near to another, that no air can come between them.

17 “They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered.”

Leviathan had this same hide of scales that would protect him from the early weapons wielded by Job and his companions.

When we take God’s Word as it is we find that it gives more explanations than many scientists who are proselytized into the belief of evolution!

For more on Leviathan visit, Leviathan – That Crooked Serpent

2 thoughts on “Pliosaurs: Leviathan vs. Kronosaurus

  1. In isaiah ch 27 there are at least 2 different leviathans mentioned maybe 3. The dragon leviathan is the one mentioned in job ch 41. Why do i say this, because it says, that fleeing serpent evan that twisted serpent and the dragon in the sea.

  2. Behemoth in hebrew refers to a beast that is big, it means the beast of beasts. Everything about it was large but it can in a wierd way be identified as a type of plurality. In the same way, leviathan was refering to more than one type of what we call “prehistoric marine reptiles” today. I believe that the one mentioned in job ch 41 was a large pliosaur, because nothing we know of yet seems to fit the description as far as power goes. Why do i believe leviathan are a few different types? Because of isaiah ch 27. The fleeing serpent was probably a plesiosaur, the twisted serpent was probably a tylosaur, which is like a giant monitor lizard with flippers, and the dragon was probably a pliosaur. They are like a crocodile with a sea turtle body( minus the shell) but larger ones probably had osteoderms or really tough skin. Some people believe the dragon leviathan was sarcosuchus but it kind of resembles a huge indian gharial. Not to say that the afore mentioned gharial couldnt be a mimic of sorts of the leviathan mentioned in job ch41

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