Dinosaurs are, by definition, strictly land creatures. But, because there are reptiles in the air and the water, scientists had to come up with some other classifications for these kinds.

A pretty captivating drawing from National Geographic. Unfortunately, they don’t see the design in these amazing creatures!

For the water-dwelling reptiles scientists dubbed them as pliosaurs and plesiosaurs. As would be expected from a evolutionary-soaked world, these two creatures were supposedly one, known only as plesiosaurs. Then, after a whole many years of evolution they split into two groups, the pliosaurs (shorter necked ones) and plesiosaurs (longer-necked ones).

Of course, we do find short-necked pliosaurs and long-necked plesiosaurs but that doesn’t mean they evolved from one another. Does a giraffe evolve a shorter neck and become a horse? no, it is not possible for a giraffe so why should it be possible for a plesiosaur?

Although they aren’t nearly as popular as dinosaurs, they still deserve our study of their amazing designs, given to them by their Creator, Almighty God!


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