Writer’s note: This story is true, but some details may be off because of the time this event occurred.

It was night, when the sun hangs over the falling of its demise and the colors of night begin to invade. It was cool; bits of light still came pouring through the window.

I sat there on my bed, my legs crossed like intertwined snakes and moving up and down, making the bed creak. My book stood in front of me; The Rapture [Under Attack}.

My fingers fumbled with the pages and felt the bumps and elevation of the page, rising over in shadows and mountain ranges. My nose picked up the humid, night air and breathed cautiously and the black letters fighting against the white background meet my eyes. My eyes moved, picked up the words, played with them, then, finally, stuck them in my brain.

Suddenly I hung for a moment not being able to think. I was standing on neutral ground in my thoughts. I couldn’t read on. I couldn’t. What if? What if?

Jesus could return; He could return any second. Even in the next breath. I could hear a trumpet call, a voice of an archangel, vanish and be with the Lord forever!

I sat there shaking, what if it was now? Would I be ready?  Had I truly accepted Christ? What if I had one second of doubt in my mind and that second was when He returned?

Finally the questions stopped. My eyes and brain matched and my eyes began to water. I knew what a mighty decision it would be if I were on the wrong side.

“I am on God’s side,” I reassured myself.

“I have accepted Jesus as my Savior! I will be ready! I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus is Lord!” I mumbled to myself, my eyes staring and not being able to shut for fear of something dreadful.

I breathed out and thanked God for the greatness that He chooses to reveal to his followers and continues to share.

Little did I know that this small moment would affect many things I did in the near future. I eventually would study the Rapture more and then more prophecy. After that, I got more and more interested in the Bible and studying and I started to study Biblical creation and customs of ancient times.

My brain chugged again and my heart stood on positive ground locked together with my thoughts. My eyes began to move over the words. I stopped, turned around, and stared at the ceiling.

I breathed again and longed to tell others that Christ could come any moment. I turned, grabbed my Bible, which I always had sitting sentry at my side. I opened it and began to read.

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