Everyday, we see some kind of color around us. We see it on our computer screens when we look at pictures, we see it when we read a book, and we see it when we take a stroll out in nature. Everywhere we look, we see some kind of color. But, how does this color get there and how can we distinguish it?

Color can be seen through our eyes, of course, but the color itself depends on the light, object that has the color and, naturally, our eyes.


As can be seen after a rainy day, the rainbow takes everyday light from the sun and breaks it apart into seven distinct colors:TakakkawFalls2_edit








Depending on how an item is structured, the color will be one of the above colors, but maybe in a different shade.


In general, in object will display color when it reflects a certain spectrum of the light. But, there are exceptions. For example, certain hummingbird’s have some sort of scales on their necks that will change color based off the position they face according to the viewer.

Otherwise, normally, an object will absorb certain colors that it will not use and then reflect the other colors that will represent it. What the color of an object like this is, is dependent on the structure of the object and the viewer’s eye.


Our eyes are sensitive to light. And, as said above, when that light is broken into a color by an object, the eye goes to work.

When the eye first receives the color/light, it is picked up by three photoreceptor cones in the eye. These cones are capable of an amazing thing called phototransduction. This phototransduction is the process of converting color/light into electrical pulses that can be sent to the brain and translated into visible images.

All of this happens in a fraction of a second.


Color is an amazing thing that we often take for granted. But, in no way, should we.

Actually, the human eye is so good at detecting color that it can distinguish somewhere around 10 million different colors! That is enough colors, if you were to see a new one every second, to keep you busy for 115 days straight! But, our eyes are so tuned in that we could see thousands, maybe millions, of colors all at one time. That is quite a feat for such a small item of the body.

Just think how much your Creator must love you to set up all these little things so you could see the beautiful picture of life that surrounds you!

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