The following information about angels comes from the Hebrew words for angels and numerous verses from the Bible. But, the Bible is the only inspired book on angels, and the only one I used.

Because my latest book requires much study on the topic of angels and demons, I have learned a lot of things about them that I had not previously discovered. Amazing what you can figure out simply by reading and paying attention to the Bible and what it says on a certain subject.

The following list is as many attributes on what they do as I could find but I’m sure there is more:500px-Gethsemane_Carl_Bloch

Workers of miracles




 Deputies of God







 Camp around those who fear God

 And then some physical or spiritual attributes:

 Have not sinned


 Can become visible

 Military information:

 Follow God’s order

 Can be ranked (chiefs, etc)

 Is double the size of Satan’s army

 Will oppose Satan

God’s angels are amazing beings that sure can fight, both verbally and physically, and they have many attributes that many people didn’t even know about. For example, did you know angels were priests and prophets? Once again, it is interesting what you can learn with a little study in the Word.

But . . . think about it for a minute. We have a God who loves and cares for us so much that He would create so many guardians, prophets, messengers, priests, etc. to help us. Pretty amazing!

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