“After seeing this video I made the solid decision to proceed and keep my baby.”

“I was at an abortion clinic on the sidewalk (with my laptop), had two young ladies stop and watch the trailer that is in the special features. Then, afterwards they watched the DVD all the way through. One was four month’s pregnant, the other was three. They were both going there for an abortion; they were both in tears, hugged my neck and decided to give their babies life and choose adoption instead. I cried too.”

“I was planning on getting an abortion because I couldn’t support my child, but my sister showed me this video the day of my appointment. When finished watching the video I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t believe I was going to kill my child.”

“Your film just led a 17 year old girl away from abortion.”

“Best 33:03 minutes of my life spent on YouTube.”

What could all these people be talking about?! What could be so powerful of a video that would change the lives of so many? What information could 33:03 minutes of images and sound hold that has touched so many hearts?RayComfort150

The 180 Movie produced from Living Waters has been watched by millions and hundreds have been impacted for life.

With the 180 movie taking such a hand in the fight against abortion I had the chance to interview the man from which it was born, Ray Comfort.

Howard: Where did the idea for 180 come from?

Comfort: 180 wasn’t the video I meant to produce. I wrote a book called Hitler, God and the Bible and asked my publisher if they would like a free video to go with the book. They said they would, so I grabbed a camera to find out what people believed about Hitler. I could hardly believe that I ended up with 14 people mainly university students, who had no idea who Adolf Hitler was. There were more who didn’t know who he was, but they were embarrassed to appear ignorant on camera. Then we were able to get some very colorful footage of me being heckled, on two different occasions, by two very nasty neo-Nazis–as well as gripping footage of a Russian Jew who lost loved ones to Nazis all this while out on the street, with nothing pre-arranged. But the most amazing thing came from a mistake I made. When researching the book I wept my way through the Holocaust. One horrific incident happened in Germany when Nazis shot hundreds of Jews, and buried them with a bulldozer. What broke my heart was that some of them were still alive when they buried them. So, I had an idea. When I interviewed a very colorful university student, I put him into a moral dilemma. I said it’s 1943. A German officer has a gun pointed at you. He wants you to get in to a bulldozer and drive it forward.  In front of the bulldozer is a pit in which there are 300 Jews who have just been shot. Some of them are still alive. He wants you to bury them alive! If you don’t do what he says, he is going to kill you and do it himself. If you do what he says, he will let you live. Would you drive it forward?  He immediately said that he would never kill someone, because he was a compassionate person, so I off-handedly said, So, how then do you feel about abortion? His demeanor changed and he said he was for it.  When I likened his attitude to the thinking of the Nazis, he became angry and we crossed swords for about five minutes.  He finally stormed off, and as I filmed him walking away I looked down and my camera said “Off”.  I was in direct sunlight and had inadvertently switched the camera off at the beginning of the interview!  It was such a compelling interview, and so I was heart-broken. So I determined to put more people into that same scenario and see if the same thing happened.  But the next time I did so, I went one step further and asked the question, and was amazed at how people did a complete 180. They changed from being adamantly pro-abortion, to being pro-life, in seconds.

Howard: How long did it take to make and publish this movie?180

Comfort: Nine months.

Howard: What was and is your hope for 180?

Comfort: We live in an amazing technological age.  The last time I checked “Charlie bit My finger” the YouTube clip, had had over 420 million views!  I believe that saving the lives of the unborn and reaching the unsaved with the message of everlasting life, is a little more important than seeing a baby bite a boy’s finger, and so I’m hoping that others will feel the same and send the link 180Movie.com to everyone they know, so that it goes viral.

Howard: What kind of support team did you have?

Comfort: I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by a very talented production crew, who have already produced an award-winning TV program that goes to 70 countries and is on 42 networks. We just filmed our fifth season and, undoubtedly, the colorful street interviews are what makes that program so popular. So we kept with that winning “formula” interesting people, fast-moving, with great graphics, but what put180 on steroids was getting footage of eight people changing their minds about abortion.

Howard: Any estimates on how many people have seen this movie?

Comfort: To date there have been 2.8 million YouTube views, those who have seen the 700,000 DVDs that have been sold or given away, plus those who have seen it on the 44 TV networks/channels that have aired it.

Howard: Why is it such a huge success?

Comfort: 180 is unique from other pro-life movies (all of which are to be commended) in that it appeals to the intuitive knowledge that God has given to human beings. We are not primates as so many of this Darwin-embracing generation believe.  Man is above the beasts in that he has a sense of justice and truth. Animals don’t care about setting up court systems and punishing wrong-doing. That is unique to human beings, because we are made in the image of God.  We intuitively know that it’s wrong to lie, steak, commit adultery, and to murder. When a person has been brainwashed into thinking that the baby that is growing in the womb isn’t a baby, but something less than human, then termination of this substance isn’t murder at all. However, when the person becomes convinced that a fetus is a human being, the conscience begins to do its duty and say “You shall not kill”. It’s then up to the individual as to whether or not he or she will listen to its voice.

That’s what 180 does. It gives new information and that gives people another perspective and causes them to change their minds about something of which they were sure just a few minutes earlier.

Howard: What can we do to help spread 180?

Comfort: You could simply watch it, and if you care about the unborn and unsaved, send a link to 180Movie.com to as many people as you can.  The 180Movie.com website will tell you how to best do that. They could also purchase copies of the actual DVD and give them away. They only cost $1.50 each, and who is going to refuse a free DVD, especially in today’s economy? You can find details on www.heartchanger.com

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